Builder in Ascot and Esher | Common Building Shortcuts to Look Out For

As experienced domestic builders, our team at GLR are well aware of the drop in building standards across the country, with many local builders cutting corners to meet quotas. We hold ourselves to an exceptionally high standard when it comes to workmanship, so, on this page, we will be discussing some of the most common shortcuts to look out for when surveying a new home.

Whether it involves sloppy brickwork or poor energy efficiency, there are many ways that contractors take the easy route when it comes to building houses in Ascot, Esher and the surrounding areas. For building services that you can truly rely on, choose GLR today.

The three shortcuts that we will explore on this page are:

Fake Weep Vents

The fake weep vent is one of the most infamous examples of cutting corners in construction. Weep vents are an essential feature of a cavity wall, enabling healthy ventilation and providing an outlet for any pooling water. Without the small, plastic vents, you would risk a build-up of condensation within your walls, leading to mould and damp. 

Some builders forget to properly install weep vents while building walls and instead create fake vents in an attempt to fool snaggers. This is a wilfully deceitful way to hide poor handiwork and does not bode well for the overall quality of the new build. Our builders are quick to spot these fake vents when conducting repairs in Ascot and Esher.

Missing Insulation

New building regulations oblige all new builds to be fitted with adequate insulation, saving future residents money on energy bills as well as helping the planet. You would expect that insulation has been installed within walls, under floors and within the roof, but some builders neglect to apply the necessary insulation in order to save time. This will result in a much colder house in the winter, as well as higher heating costs.

With GLR, you can expect:

Unsealed Window Frames

One of the most egregious oversights a builder can make is to improperly seal window frames. Your windows need to be fully sealed in order to keep out draughts, and if they have been poorly fitted you can be sure that your house will be unpleasantly cold in the winter months. 

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