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When planning a new conversion, energy efficiency may be the last thing on your mind. You are coordinating with builders, trying to minimise disruption and calculating costs. However, by reducing the amount of energy needed to heat and light your new space, you will reduce the strain on the environment and your energy bills. Based in Woking, GLR is proud to provide property refurbishments, loft conversions, property extensions and a range of other building services for the Godalming area.

Our residential builders are available to project manage your new conversion from the early planning stages. Our new home builders also deliver stunning new builds for the wider Surrey area.

With new innovations emerging every day, it is an exciting time to explore energy efficiency for your Godalming home. Here are three areas to look out for:

Roof Insulation

One of the best ways to reduce the amount of heat needed to warm your attic is insulation. With more than twenty-five percent of heat lost through the roof, on average, ask your local builders about insulation options for your new attic conversion.

Whether you opt for insulation foam, or a more eco-friendly option such as sheep’s wool or hemp, properly installed insulation can make a huge impact on your energy usage.

Easing your conscience as well as your finances, insulation is the smart choice for homes old and new. Our new home builders recommend insulation for our loft conversions and property extensions in Godalming and will retrofit your chosen material during property refurbishments. From kitchen refurbishments and bathroom refurbishments to side-return extensions, wraparound extensions and updated lofts, we ensure the entirety of your property is as energy efficient as possible.

Lighting and Windows

With many options available for lighting, such as rooflight windows, skylights and Juliet balconies, new loft conversions are the ideal time to reduce your dependency on artificial light.

By taking advantage of natural light, not only will your mood improve but you will rarely find yourself turning on the lights during the day.

For even greater efficiency, make sure to choose LED lightbulbs. Offering brighter luminosity for a fraction of the energy of traditional filament bulbs, LEDs are a superior option.

Solar Panels

What better time to have solar panels installed than during a loft conversion? As your roof is likely to be substantially altered, make the most of the scaffolding and arrange for a brand new energy source to be fitted to your home.

Making a big dent in your utility bills, you may even find yourself selling your excess electricity back to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee scheme.

With a range of opportunities to pursue, energy efficiency is the sensible option for homeowners in Godalming and the surrounding areas. Providing property extensions, property refurbishments and other quality services, our new home builders are here to help.

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