Loft Conversions in Cobham and Guildford | Common Loft Conversion Designs

Looking to turn your attic into a thriving new living space? Loft conversions are a fantastic way to make the most of your home’s available space and increase its market value. There are many different designs available, so it can be hard to decide on the right fit for your property. On this page, our team will explore three common designs for attic conversions on this page, including mansard, dormer and rooflight. 

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Rooflight Attic Conversions

This is the simplest type of loft conversion. The main barrier to living in a loft is the lack of natural light, so, by adding a rooflight or Velux window, you can create a more habitable ambience. The process is fast and immediately effective, as well as being highly affordable.

Although you may require floor reinforcement, there is no doubt that a rooflight is the most cost-effective way to turn your attic into a liveable space, with possibilities including:

Dormer Conversions

A more extensive project, a dormer conversion involves adding a box-like structure to your roof, increasing the headroom and allowing you to install a vertically-aligned window, rather than the usual sloped variety. This is one of the most popular designs for loft conversions in Guildford, Cobham and the surrounding areas, and it often does not require planning permission.

Mansard Conversions

The mansard conversion is a classic design that evokes the elegant rooflines of Paris. A favourite of building control officials, mansards have a timeless quality that allows the to blend in with the original roofing of your home. This is especially effective if you have a period property, particularly from the mid- to late-nineteenth century.

Our loft conversions are completed to the highest standard, and we oversee every aspect of the construction to ensure a consistently impressive level of quality. Our excellent attention to detail makes us the smart choice for your next project in Guildford, Cobham and the surrounding areas.

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