New Home Builder in Oxshott | How to Survive Renovations and Loft Conversions When Living Onsite

It’s not an easy decision to make but, if you’re prepared to live onsite whilst construction, property refurbishments or renovations go on around you, then this is the page for you. Specialists in property extensions and loft conversions throughout Oxshott, Ascot, Esher and the surrounding areas we cover, our new home builders at GLR are also considerate of the fact that having strangers working in your home can be quite imposing. We’ll always make sure you get to meet the team in advance of any projects, and that you’re completely comfortable with all plans going forward.

You Can Do It!

In the meantime, our domestic builders’ tips for surviving property upheavals may help make any renovations at your home a little easier to bear. The key considerations our residential builders recommend to survive home refurbishments, renovations and attic conversions include:

Rearranging Furniture

For major renovations, such as internal restructuring, you’ll have to move the majority of your furniture into the garage or another room. Make sure any family heirlooms, antiques or expensive items are carefully wrapped up and stored safely so they won’t get damaged or experience damp conditions. If you’re very concerned, short-term storage solutions might be worth considering.

Private Space

If possible, leave one room completely as is. This can be your ‘safe haven’ if you get to the point during renovations when you can’t see the end result. Having the option to close the door behind you, take a deep breath, and relax in familiar and comfortable surroundings will help recharge your batteries. Keep pictures of how your Oxshott home will look in the end nearby for inspiration.

Children and Pets

Younger family members may not understand what is going on within your property and could be quite upset by all the strangers and the noise. We’re a friendly bunch at GLR but we understand how intrusive our work can be. Pets can be seriously affected by any major changes in their surroundings and routine from attic conversions, property extensions or renovations, so you might need to ask family or friends to take care of your animals for a short while.

Kitchens and Bathrooms

If you’re having loft conversions, side-return or wraparound extensions carried out, the majority of your home is left unaffected by our work. Major renovations, kitchen refurbishments, bathroom refurbishments or whole property refurbishments, on the other hand, might lead to both parts of the home being out of bounds for a while. Make sure you have access to a kettle – for those cups of calming tea – and you can use the facilities when required.

Our new home builders and renovation experts at GLR completely understand the difficulties associated with having your home turned upside down for some time whilst building works are carried out. But we assure you, it’ll all be worth it in the end.

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