Property Refurbishments in Esher and Godalming | Ways to Improve Your Period Property

Have you recently purchased a Victorian home? Looking to refurbish an older property? At GLR, we always recommend preserving the original features of an older home, as the level of craftsmanship used to construct these properties is hard to find in the modern era. Certain features such as cornices and stained glass can be integrated into a modern design, allowing you to create a playful dialogue between your current aesthetic and the style of the original residents.

On this page, we will discuss three different features to bear in mind when undertaking property refurbishments on an antique home. From wooden flooring to tiles, there are so many ways that we can transform your living space. Active across Esher, Godalming and the wider Surrey area, we are the smart choice for your next kitchen refurbishment, bathroom refurbishment or full home refurbishment.

The points we will be discussing on this page are:

Rescue the Old Floorboards

The seventies were a dark time for wooden flooring, with countless floorboards across the nation smothered by coral pink or coffee brown carpets. However, beneath these shag pile disasters lies the original wooden floorboards, ready to be rescued by an intrepid new owner.

The best part about floorboards is that they can be sanded down, stained and varnished a number of times, allowing you to customise them to your taste. You can even paint them in a variety of shades for a more unique look. We always recommend checking out your floorboards during property refurbishments, as they can be a fantastic way to reconnect to the original character of your home.

Preserve Your Cornices

Cornices are some of the most distinctive features of a Victorian home. They adorn the top of your walls, connecting them to the ceiling with ornate designs that truly elevate any room. Unfortunately, decades of successive paint jobs leave these delicate decorations gloopy and misshapen. We suggest stripping off the layers of paint to reveal the beautiful ornamentation beneath.

Paint the Panelling

Do you have authentic wooden panelling on your walls? Often damaged and scratched, we recommend painting your panels in a tasteful shade rather than scrapping them, as they are a unique feature unseen in modern homes. During your next home refurbishment, try a deep umber or a subtle blue for an unintrusive panelling that genuinely complements the features of your home. 

At GLR, we offer a range of property refurbishments for homes in Esher, Godalming and the surrounding areas. These include:

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