Property Refurbishments in Guildford | Why You Should Choose Porcelain Tiles for Your Refurbishment

Are you looking to refurbish your home? Planning on replacing your worn-out flooring? On this page, we will make the case for choosing porcelain tiles for your new floors. Here at GLR, we offer property refurbishments for clients in Guildford and the wider Surrey area, and many of our customers end up choosing tiles for their kitchen refurbishments and bathroom refurbishments. 

From full-scale conversions to minor brickwork repairs, you can depend on us to take on home improvement projects of all sizes. With many years of experience between us, we have built a reputation as one of the most dependable construction companies in the South East, so give us a call today to find out more about our services. We also have a company blog where you can read more interesting posts about our services.

A Choice of Designs

Porcelain tiles have been used for centuries to line the floors and walls of homes across the Mediterranean, and the sheer scale of possible designs is one of their primary assets. Whether you choose a traditional design or a more contemporary style, the best part about porcelain tiles is that they interlock to form a larger image. 

This is great for a mesmerising bathroom floor pattern or a classic black-and-white kitchen design. We offer these tiles for the following property refurbishment projects in Guildford:

Exceptional Durability

Fired under high heat in huge kilns, the intense production process results in a dense, hardy material that is surprisingly durable. They can handle a huge amount of force and are much more durable than most other flooring materials. This is ideal for busy households with young children and high foot traffic, as this UV-resistant, scratch-resistant flooring can withstand a significant amount of wear. This makes them a smart choice for your next home refurbishment.

Low Maintenance

Not only can these tiles stand up to a high level of foot traffic, but they are also great when it comes to cleaning up spills. Highly stain-resistant, the production process creates a product with extremely low porosity. This means that any sauces, drinks or dirt will not penetrate the inner layers of the tile and cause a lasting stain. 

Porcelain tiles are in fact wipe-clean, which makes them much more hygienic than wooden flooring. This is why they are so well suited to bathrooms and kitchens, as they are so easy to keep clean. To hear more about our property refurbishments in Guildford, please give a member of our team a call today.

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