Builder in Virginia Water | We Look at Mistakes You Should Avoid When Planning Property Extensions

Having any form of property refurbishments or renovations carried out at your home is really not for the faint-hearted. What might start off as a brilliant idea can become a nightmare if you’re not properly prepared and you haven’t hired the right people. Our new home builders at GLR are completely professional. We’ll take the time to discuss your visions in depth and work closely with you to deliver the best design which will work for you and your Virginia Water home. 

From Ascot to Oxshott, we’re a friendly bunch with a professional outlook. Why not have a read through some of our testimonials to find out just how delighted GLR’s past clients are with our range of services, including property extensions and loft conversions?

Plan in Advance!

We look at some of the errors homeowners make when they don’t take the time to weigh up all the pros and cons before construction begins. Our residential builders recommend considering the following:


Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will house extensions, attic conversions, or new homes for that matter. Our builders will work to a strict schedule but, even at that, the project can take months. It’s essential potential clients understand this and can appreciate the timescales before work starts.

Cutting Corners

We can all understand the weight budgets will put on our shoulders, but it is important you focus on the important aspects of the work and not the frivolities. Spending a considerable amount on door handles at the expense of a decent heating system, for example, could cost you more in the long run.


Whether we’re talking property extensions, loft conversions or any property refurbishments, our new home builders at GLR can’t emphasise enough the importance of storage. You may think you’re including enough now but think ahead and add more. And more.

Good Old British Weather

Even if we start our work at the beginning of the summer months, there will be days when the ‘rain stops play’. We can’t do anything about it but take days like these into consideration when working out schedules for clients. It’s important you always factor the weather into your plans.


Emergencies can crop up at any time during kitchen refurbishments, bathroom refurbishments, entire property refurbishments and renovations. When carrying out side-return extensions, wraparound extensions or double-storey property extensions or loft conversions in older properties, we might find damaged pipework or rotting timbers which require attention. Make sure you have a fund put by just in case.

GLR’s team of new home builders and renovation experts are highly experienced and more than happy to offer advice based on our many years in the construction industry. We understand clients get excited and can’t wait to see the end result but, sometimes, a little patience now is all that’s required. And we’re with you every step of the way.

If you’re considering extensions but don’t know which one will suit your Virginia Water property, call our builders at GLR on 01483 299839 or 07772 671275. We’re happy to help.
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