Benefits of an Open Floor Plan | Property Refurbishments and New Home Builder in Woking

Thinking of having a new home built in the Woking area? Looking to make major structural alterations during an upcoming refurbishment? If you live in a house with a cramped floor plan, knock-throughs and an open plan layout can make a huge difference to your ground floor. Based in Surrey, our local builders provide a full design-and-build service for property extensions, loft conversions, property refurbishments and other building services for clients in the local area.

Our new builds are available in a selection of different styles, and our refurbishments will transform your living space with improved energy efficiency and an updated aesthetic.

A practical setup, our new home builders are experienced at constructing open floor plans. Here are three key benefits of creating a loose, free-flowing living space during your home refurbishment:

Natural Light

Cramped floor plans often leave rooms feeling dark and boxed in. To banish that feeling of claustrophobia, consider knocking through several rooms for a more fluid ground floor.

By eliminating unnecessary walls, sunlight will find its way to previously dingy corners, adding a warm glow to your Woking home that improves mood and reduces the need for artificial lighting.

Our new home builders are happy to draw up a detailed plan for your new build or kitchen refurbishment, bathroom refurbishment or whole home refurbishment and will advise on all aspects of the construction process.

Improved Flow

Do you find yourself passing through multiple rooms to reach the bathroom, or to access the garden? A great way to ease household traffic, with an open floor plan you no longer need to weave through several different spaces to complete basic tasks.

Design-conscious, when undertaking property extensions, loft conversions and property refurbishments in the Woking area, our residential builders always consider the natural flow of movement between rooms.

With an open floor plan, you can say goodbye to constantly opening and closing doors, tight angles and blind corners.

Great for Socialising

A key advantage of an open floor plan is the greater opportunity for socialising and connection. By removing barriers within your home, you encourage a communal space that all members of your family can use at once.

Ideal for entertaining family and friends, with a kitchen, dining room, living room and outdoor decking all combined, your home is the perfect place to host a gathering.

An increasingly popular option for residential properties in the wider Woking area, choose an open floor plan for your new build for a more personal, collective space.

Based in Surrey, GLR is proud to provide loft conversions, side-return extensions, wraparound extensions, double-storey property extensions and property refurbishments. Our new home builders are always available to discuss our options.

For more information on our property refurbishments in Woking, call us today on 01483 299839 to talk with a friendly new home builder.
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